Writing Novel for Amateurs: Tips and Hints


Many people have such goal to write at least one book and publish it, others want to become professional writers and search a universal instruction how to write a novel for dummies. Sure, fame and glory of popular bestseller’s author is very attractive perspective. However, there is no certain recipe for success. Thousands of amateur writers fail after finishing their first book and give up trying. In a great number of cases, work may be not even printed by publishing house. It sounds quiet disappointing. So how can one deal with all difficulties and reach prosperity as a writer? This article describes main steps in writing and then selling the pioneer novel in a plain and clear way. Pay attention to these tips if you don’t want to make first book be the last one.

No Perkiness

Being overconfident in own talent and skills in case of amateur writers doesn’t lead to success. There are thousands of such authors among the world, however very few of pioneer novels become bestsellers. As a rule most of them don’t even get the access for publishing from editor. Sure, that doesn’t mean you have to be erratic and hesitant one. Just avoid showing off and bragging even if you have some attainments.

Be Unique

Shelves in bookshops are full of low-grade literature with banal themes, no vital message, which is suitable only for reading in a bus or train. Don’t be one of these ephemeral writers whose names will be forgotten by public in several days. Stay original and extra-ordinal, generate your own ideas instead of copying something trendy. In that way you will reach your own audience and true interest to your creative works. Avoid adapting the novels and its messages to the contemporary fashion in literature. This is a feature of poor and stock writer.

Creating Workplace


This is a significant step as well, as atmosphere influences the mood of an author and may have a good or bad impact on work process. Furthermore, you will definitely spend a lot of time writing novel so that place has to be comfortable and cozy. Put a great and bright lighting to save your eyesight and choose comfy chair. Care about the noise isolation to avoid digressing and confusing. It is possible to turn on some calm and quiet music which inspires you.

Main Plot

That is time to decide about what the story will go. The only limits are your imagination. Of course, firstly you should make up your mind concerning what kind of novel you write, fictional, fantasy, detective etc. According to some style criteria make a plan for the book. As a rule, a moment where a conflict should be, is the center of story. That may include conflict in main hero’s mind or soul, his fight against injustice, disgusting society canons, evil characters and so on. Besides the main plot there may be plenty side stories, which help to explain the message of the book better. However, be careful: if you overdo with these second plans the most significant things will be left without attention.

Creating Characters

That step demands as much efforts and fantasy as possible. You have to invent everything by yourself, from first and last name to the smallest appearance details. It is better to write down biography and specific features of your characters on the separate paper in order to avoid inaccuracies during the storytelling. Remember that not only several main personages play a role, care about second plan as well in order to make a novel amusing one. Maybe you have a real prototype for character creating. Don’t forget about relationship, it is good idea to connect everybody who is described in a novel. Avoid perfect personages: Mary Sue doesn’t attract readers anymore. Based on research, psychologists claim that people are more attracted to those, who make mistakes or are somehow not ideal in their behavior. People like to see somebody extra-ordinary, with own evil and good sides. Sometimes books about life of ordinary citizens become bestsellers. It depends on how you perform the story.


Choose Time

Establish at least nominal time limits for your story. It really matters, if there are historical details, in architecture or people’s behavior, for example. No doubt, it will be a great failure when in Medieval Age peasant will live in pretty decorated house and have a table full of products. Take into consideration specialties of each epoch, people lifestyle, ideology, clothes, food and so on. Don’t rely only on your thought, better make a simple research and check various information sources. In case you create a fantasy world you may also create your own era with imaginary history.

Main Location

Sure, if you work on fantasy novel there should be completely new world, with its own states, geography and politic. Many famous writers create a map with some denominations to make it easier to orient in imaginative places. In case events in your novel take place in real world you should definitely use map as well. It will help to avoid geographical lapses and make a story more veracious. Search some information about local features as traditions, food, housing and so on, if you write about a foreign place.


Amateurs often don’t understand the importance of this step and neglect it vainly. To make truly commercially successful novel it is not enough just to write down the story and send it to the publishing house. Professionals usually spend days checking text for mistakes and inaccuracies. Moreover, revision is a nice possibility to cut off scenes or dialogs you find unsuitable and add something new to the story. It means improving the book, making it free from boredom and developing main message. Don’t be in a hurry and take some time for relax. You should not follow the advice of Horace and wait for 9 years to see whether the novel is worth publishing, but a few weeks will be right that. After that, read your writing again and try to estimate it. It is a good idea to ask friends or parents for revision of the manuscript.


Send It

That is the final step, when you have to send your creation to publisher. It is time to choose the cover for book and illustrations if there is a need. Don’t disdain it, as envelope is the first thing customer will see in bookshop and it may influence his choice whether to read. You may also perform presentation of your book, communicate with the audience or journalists. If the novel is successful, start writing the next one to reach the fame of a great author.

To sum up, it is not an easy thing to create own novel. Difficulties – as absence of inspiration or ideas – are common troubles of every author. The point is not giving up in stressful situation. Believing in oneself and own power is what makes an average writer a great one. Work and improve personal qualities and skills even if failures occur, they are the compulsory elements of a way to success. Don’t hide or adapt your talent: people appreciate honesty and openness in literature, but not trying to be in trend. Remember that it is impossible to become the best one in several days, it demands efforts and pains. If you are ready for these, just take your laptop and start writing.

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