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Call for Book Publication


Edupedia Publications Pvt Ltd is a publishing house that publishes books in English, Hindi and Sanskrit. It provides original ISBN to each book. Authors are invited to get published their works. It provides rapid response. It publishes thesis also. Edited books, critical books, anthologies are published by this publication house. It has better quality. It’s books will be available in online shopping junctions.
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Mob- 09958037887 (Whatsapp)

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How to get First Books Published

How to get First Books Published

For a new writer, finding the right publisher is like going through a needle in a haystack. The entire process can be draining—not to mention a huge chunk of your time, effort, and money is invested.

How to get books published

After painstakingly crafting your manuscript, give it the special treatment it deserves. Literary artists like you need all the tools possible to publish a book in a quick, easy, and affordable way—and we’ve got them for you.

Take your manuscript to new heights by working with Edupedia Publications Pvt Ltd, a leading publishing company that can give you both the flexibility of choosing services to fit your needs, and the ease to publish first editions the way you want to.

Our mission here at Edupedia Publications Pvt Ltd is to help a new author like you navigate through the labyrinthine publishing world with fewer worries and less difficulties. We will pair you up with a publishing services provider that offers high-quality publishing, editorial, design, and book marketing services.

How to Submit Manuscript for Review

We know how it’s like to be a novice looking for a sense of direction. That’s why Edupedia Publications Pvt Ltd was created—to help you get published with us who will take great care of your book without compromising your rights and creative control. Tell us what you need and how you want to publish your book today.

Send your proposal and book manuscript for review to

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Publish Your Book Now at affordable cost or no cost

Book Publication Offer
  • New Authors and Writers are invited for their works and ideas.
  • Authors and Writers are also invited for re-publication/reprint of their already published works.

  • Publishers from India and Abroad are also invited for Copyright for re-print of reputed published works.

Get published in 5-6 weeks with Edupedia Publications; India’s most popular & promising publishing company. Edupedia Publications is more beneficial than any other traditional publication. Because our marketing strategies are tremendously strong. We provide our readers with door to door service. Edupedia Publications provide personal service. Before Edupedia Publications offer to publish your work, we review your manuscript and listen to you to understand your publication goals. Then, Edupedia Publications provide a customized publishing solution.

Edupedia Publications believe that writing and publishing a book is an extraordinarily personal experience. We know that each author has unique and important needs during the production, promotion and sale of their book. Therefore, there is always a person here to talk to you before you agree to publish with us, during the production of your book and during the promotion and sale of your book.

Edupedia Publications are currently accepting submissions in all genres including Educational, fiction, Comedy, Autobiography, Religious, Self-help, True Story, Romance non-fiction, poetry, motivational and juvenile etc.

We also accepting academic submission in the field of science and engineering like ECE, ME, CSE, IT etc.

Visit our site for more info and to get published books

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Self Publishing Service of EduPedia Publications

Self Publishing Service of EduPedia Publications

The myth of publishing industry is now disappearing due to the advent of the self publishing features launched by some well known companies like Amazon and EduPedia Publications . Now the author has full control over the entire gamut of the work related to writing, editing, copy-writing, proof-reading, cover design etc. Now the easy to use tools and kits provided by these  companies are becoming boon for the young and flourishing poets and writers who want their book to get published in a shoe string budget.

How to Publicize Books

The easily available publicity and promotion tools and widgets like bookify, twiter, facebook, edupedia publications etc are very handy and easy to use. The author has freedom of getting promotion without paying a penny through these channels. The network of friends and family has made it possible to assist in the book promotion easy online. The conventional mode of book promotion are still in vogue but it is now giving way to online publishing and promotion channels which have wide access to the readers who prefer to read online or on their tablets, kindle and android phones. Keeping in view the changing need and taste of readers the online publishing and promotion channels pay a key role meeting  those new emerging demands of the readers.

Print on Demand Publication Offer

The print on demand service make it possible to test the quality of the printed book and print it for niche readers and then revise it to meet the global standard. The online feedback mechanism also help a lot in revising and updating the book content in limited time which was a rare thing in past due to the volume of publication and backlogs of the publishing who has little time to attend the need and demand of a particular author.

The time is now for the new poets and writers to publish their book without any upfront cost and enjoy the most awaited name and fame that you deserve most. Here is the link to get your book published on Amazon and Kindle through Create Space. Sign up now and avail  this free of charge opportunity.

by Shashikant Nishant Sharma

(Publishing Guide and Author)

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Get Published Now!

This is most convenient way of testing the product and getting the users views and this options helps you in improving your work and updating it in due course of time as and when new readers comment reaches you and you get notice of the minor or major loopholes. The Amazon has really provided millions of young and dynamic writers From free to full-service, EduPedia Publications offers book publishing options to meet your needs and budget. Sign up free now. a voice and space to share his ideas. Earlier authors had to wait for a long to get the approval of the traditional publishing houses which usually takes many months to reply and couple of years to publish if you don’t have enough money to invest and get timely attention of the publishers. I have been self-publishing my creative works for last few years and making handsome money from the royalties from Amazon. This gives me moral boost to keep up creative writing a continuous process. This has added new dimensions to my creative personality. There are many other publishing houses which are giving such opportunities but the platform that Amazon has created is unparalleled in the publishing market.

The time bound production of the print and eBook on the readers demand who keep on visiting my website for updates on my views and suggestions on diverse topics which I cover. The flavour of writing and creativity can be cherished and nourished through the constant endeavour and sustained practice in the print and electronic media sector.

Shashikant Nishant Sharma

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Changes in Publishing Industry

It’s a fact that predictions, analyzed in retrospect, help shape our understanding of the present and future.

Predictions stir our imagination of what’s possible.  In this changing game of traditional or trade publishing versus indie or self publishing, authors must know what they do is in the best interest of their own and the interest of the literary world. We we see how the game is going to change.

  1. Big publishers lower prices – Traditional publishers have always fought tooth and nail to hold the line on ebook prices.  This pricing advantage helped many indies out-sell and out-compete the traditional publishers.  It helped indies build fan bases at a rapid clip.  For indies who could write and publish low-priced books that were as good or better than what New York was publishing, placement in the bestseller lists became more achievable than ever before.

  2. When everyone is pricing $2.99, price promotions will become less effective – If readers have an unlimited supply of high-quality books from their favorite authors at lower price then other factors will play more important role.

  3. Competition increases dramatically – With hundreds of thousands of new books published annually, and with retailer catalogs swelling to carry millions of titles, the competition is going to increase further.

    How and Why to Self- Publish Your Book and Ebook
  4. Ebook sales volume will decrease – This will be driven by price declines among major publishers and by the slowing transition from print to screens.  Although readers will continue migrating from print to screens, the early adopters have adopted and the laggards will shift more slowly.  Another driver of the drop is that the overall book market growth has been moribund for several years.  As ebooks as a percentage of the overall book market increase, it means the growth of ebooks will become constrained by the growth and/or contraction of the overall book industry.

  • Ebook unit market share will increase – The industry-wide sales slowdown, caused by the drop in average prices, will mask the fact that more books will be read than ever before.  This is great news for book culture, and good news for indies who despite the loss of their once-powerful price advantage, will still be positioned to profit more from low prices.

  • It’s all about the writing – It’s back to basics time.  In a world where readers face an unlimited quantity of high-quality low-cost works, the writers who achieve the most success will be those who take their readers to the most emotionally satisfying extremes.  Books are pleasure-delivery devices.  It doesn’t matter if you’re publishing a cookbook, romance novel, gardening how-to, memoir or political treatise.  Your job as the indie author is to write that super-fabulous book.  That involves great writing and professional-quality editing.  It also means avoiding all the mistakes that create unnecessary friction that prevent readers from discovering, desiring and enjoying the book.

  • All authors become indie authors – Back in the dark ages of publishing, you were either traditionally published or weren’t published.  Writers who couldn’t get a publishing deal were seen as failures, because without the access to the publisher’s printing press, distribution and professional know-how, it was virtually impossible to reach readers.  Today, failure is not an option.  The next generation of writers can begin writing their book with the full confidence that one way or another, it will get published.  Traditionally published authors now realize they have desirable publishing alternatives they never had before.  Once a writer – any writer – comes to the realization that the power in the publishing industry has transferred from publishers to writers, it opens up a new world of possibilities.  Even if you’re a traditionally published author today, you’re an indie author because you decide what happens with your next project.

  • Subscription ebook services will change the game – If the ebook subscription services – the most notable of which are Scribd and Oyster – can make their business models work, then they’ll drive a game changing shift in how readers value and consume books.  For ebook subscription service users, reading will become an abundant resource that feels free.

  • Traditional publishers will reevaluate their approach to self-publishing – Many indies no longer shop their books to agents and publishers, and instead choose to publish their books directly to readers using self-serve publishing and distribution platforms such as Smashwords, or KDP, Nook Press, and Edupedia Publications.  The traditional publishers must recognize that publishing is a service, and that they serve at the pleasure of authors.  Now that authors have choices, the publishing game can no longer be about, “What can the author do for the publisher?”  Authors no longer need to bow subservient to publishers, so business models based on this old practice and attitude will be rejected.  The new publisher mantra must be, “What can the publisher do for the author that the author cannot or will not do on their own?”  Publishers need to broaden their author services menu by creating an inclusive business model that allows them to take a risk on every author, to be able to say “Yes” to every author when the prior attitude was to say “No.”  Publishers must abandon the culture of “No,” because authors no longer have the patience or tolerance to hear “No.”  Authors have choices, and they’ve gained a taste for the joys of self-publishing.

  • Platform is king – Platform is your ability to reach readers.  Authors who can build, maintain and leverage their platforms will have a significant competitive advantage over those who cannot.  Think of your platform as a multi-layered infrastructure that allows you to reach both new and existing fans.  Elements of this infrastructure include your followings on Twitter, Facebook and the RSS feed of your blog.  It includes the breadth of your distribution (more retailers is better than fewer), your uninterrupted presence at each retailer for every book, and the reviews at those retailers.  It includes the number of authors who have “favorited” you at Smashwords, or who have added your books to their booklists at Goodreads.  It includes subscribers to your private mailing list.  It includes your celebrity, and your ability to leverage social media or traditional media or the love of your fans to get your message out.  There are two primary factors that drive sales of any product or brand.  The first is awareness.  If the consumer is not aware of your product or brand, then they cannot purchase it.  You need to put your product in front of a consumer and gain their attention before they can consider it.  The second is desire.  Once a consumer is aware of your product or brand, they must desire it.  As I talk about in my Secrets book, the author is the brand.  Your job as the author is to build awareness of your brand, and to build, earn and deserve positive desire for your brand.  Awareness plus desire create demand for your product.  Your platform helps you get the message out to existing fans who already know and desire your brand, and helps you reach new fans who will attach their wagons to your horse.  The larger your platform is, the easier it is to grow your platform further, because platforms grow organically.