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10 Advantages to Authors and Scholars for Thesis Publication

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About Our Publication

Our publication, helps scholars in getting books published and promoted on major channels like Amazon, Google Books, Kindle, Playstore and our publication site

Edupedia Publications Pvt Ltd is a well known academic publisher known for quality work and cost effective services to authors and scholars. We have published over 20000 research papers, 700 academic books, 300 thesis as book and we have been able to serve our scholars better day by day.

We don’t charge too much like other traditional publisher. We want to bring the hidden treasure of knowledge and wisdom shared by new authors and scholars to the word so that other scholars can get benefitted. Our all research publications are open access without any cost to authors. We keep books open access on the request of the authors without additional cost.


We take a nominal processing fee for formatting, typesetting, creating book cover, indexing book on different channels and promotion through different media.

Authors need to pay the processing fee to ensure the timely processing and publication of thesis as Book which gives authors added advantage.

10 Advantages to Authors and Scholars

  1. You become published author.
  2. Your book gets distributed through different channels like Amazon, Google Books, Kindle, Playstore and our publication site
  3. You research work reaches more scholars who might be interested in your work.
  4. You help others scholars in the area of your research work and you get opportunities to get to know more of scholars who are working on this field of study.
  5. You resume and profile get more importance when you add details of your published book
  6. You get more chances of jobs and your academic performance record increases.
  7. We keep publication rights for two year and copyright is to authors for lifetime.
  8. Cost effective and timely publication of books.
  9. Book publication within 10 days after receipt of processing fee.
  10. Hard copies of book is dispatched free of cost to authors in India but for foreign authors, additional shipping fee will be application if you wish to get free author copy of the printed book.

To get all these benefits and get you book published,

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