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Amazon Pre-Order Service

amazon preorder service by Edupedia Publications

Edupedia Publications Pvt Ltd helps you in selling more books through Amazon book store. We can make your book available for pre-order on Amazon is one of the largest booksellers in India. A pre-order campaign enables you to build-up marketing buzz for your book by allowing readers to pre-book a copy even before it launches.

amazon preorder service by Edupedia Publications

amazon preorder service by Edupedia Publications

Pre-Requisite: Your book’s interior and cover files have to be created and finalized in order to start this campaign.

How it Works:

  • Edupedia Publications Pvt Ltd creates the final interior and cover files and makes the book available for pre-order only on with a 30% discount for a period of 30 days
  • During this period you can promote the book and get the maximum number of people to pre-book a copy.
  • At the end of the pre-order, the book is sent to all the readers who have bought the book during the pre-order period.
  • You will earn full royalty on books sold during the pre-order period as per the royalty terms for selling books on third-party stores.
  • The book is only listed in other commerce sites (including the Edupedia Publications store) after the Amazon pre-order ends.

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Conferences: Why to Attend and How to Get Benefitted

Conference papers publications in journal

As Edupedia Publications Pvt Ltd emerges into a global organization, graduate students and new professionals have the opportunity to attend an exciting and more diverse conference on a yearly basis.

Conference papers publications in journal

Conference papers publications in journal

Conferences are useful as a method of meeting people who are interested in similar research areas, and cite the low-key and close-knit atmosphere of Edupedia Publications hosted conferences as a primary motivating factor for their attendance. Many new graduate students, however, may be unsure about whether a particular conference is worth the time and money, the anomie of traveling to an unknown place, and the anxiety of meeting new people. Other students and new professionals who have attended other conferences in the past may have felt that they earned few benefits from their attendance.


Why are Conferences Useful?

• Conference presentations require you to set research deadlines.


Between the demands of classwork, teaching assistantships, and family obligations, it may sometimes seem as though your research is slipping through the cracks. To keep your research on top priority. It is useful to set deadlines for yourself, and a conference presentation provides an excellent way to do this. Don’t feel that you can’t present at a conference until you have completed your entire dissertation. On the contrary, a small slice of your eventual dissertation will be easier for you to prepare, will create a more focused presentation (which will typically meet with a more enthusiastic reception), and will serve as an effective motivator for you to tackle the next research hurdle.


• Conferences help you feel integrated with the academic community.

At conferences, you’ll meet people who are interested in the same topic of research and discuss theoretical and methodological ideas. You’ll talk to participants about their own schools and departments, gathering information about places where you might eventually wish to work.

• Prepare yourself in advance.

Is there someone you would like to meet at a conference?

Send them an e-mail a few weeks in advance to ask about an upcoming publication or exchange research ideas; then ask whether they might be interested in meeting you at the conference. Alternatively, prepare a question that you will ask an admired person if you should happen to run into them at the airport or in an elevator. If you have a good question in mind when you see the person, you will be less tongue-tied and more likely to approach him or her and introduce yourself.

• Act like a host.

At a social gathering, the host is responsible for keeping the guests interested and engaged with other people. Acting like a host will take your mind from yourself and your anxiety, and will help you interact with other people more naturally.

It almost never ‘costs’ anything to invite someone along, bring them into a conversation, introduce them to a colleague, connect them to someone of common interests, etc., and these things are always remembered.

For conference Papers Publication,

Contact Us for Conference Hosting and Research Publication

+91-9958037887 or 09557022047 or


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Call for Book Publication

Edupedia Publications Pvt Ltd



Edupedia Publications Pvt Ltd is a publishing house that publishes books in English, Hindi and Sanskrit. It provides original ISBN to each book. Authors are invited to get published their works. It provides rapid response. It publishes thesis also. Edited books, critical books, anthologies are published by this publication house. It has better quality. It’s books will be available in online shopping junctions.
Email Id –
Mob- 09958037887 (Whatsapp)

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Get Your Thesis/Dissertation or Book Published within a Week

Publication of thesis and Books

Publication of Book/Thesis/Dissertation in eBook and Print format  through well know publisher Edupedia Publications will be done. The published book will be available on our website as well as on different platforms likes Google Play, Amazon, Kindle etc.



To get your thesis/disseration or book published within a week then send your manuscript in MS Word format and submit the process fee as mentioned below. We will ensure publication within a week. You can submit your manuscript alongwith the process fee to

  •  The book will be published within a week on receipt of the publication fee.
  • The manuscript should be submitted in MS word file. Font size 12 or 12 for normal content and 16 for Headings.
  • The manuscript page will be in A4 size. The print copy will be available in A4 or 6×9 inch format.
  • The published book will be accessible from our site at
  • Online and Print Publication of Books or Thesis/Dissertation with ISBN no.

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Earn from Book Review

Reviews of books and services online

If you are willing to write something that you like about a book then you are going to get the refund of the book price from us and Free Recharge of Rs 50.

Book Reviews

Book Reviews

Don’t wait this is limited period offer from Edupedia Publications Pvt Ltd

Those interested in getting the books online and willing to post a short review can contact us through

Contact No. 09557022047 or 09958037887

Terms and Conditions for Reviews

  1. Buy the book and post a review, the refund of the book price and Recharge of Rs 50 will be done through Recharge or bank transfer.
  2. The review should get live only then you will be eligible to get the refund and Recharge.
  3. You can get the Recharge of Book Price + Rs 50.
  4. Or Bank transfer of Book Price+Rs 50
  5. Before buying please contact us through 09557022047
  6. For any further query contact though
  7. This offer expires on 20 October 2015.
  8. Only for reviewers in India.
  9. Visit us for more offers in Future too.
  10. Read more more, enjoy more!


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Payment Options for Books and Research Papers

1. Payment Via EazyPay of ICICI Bank

  • Visit on Computer or Mobile
  • Select “EDUPEDIA PUBLICATIONS PRIVATE LIMITED” from drop down by typing EDU
  • Click GO
  •  Enter following Details

    Customer Name*

    Bill Amount*

    Mobile Number*

    Email Id*

    Article Id ISBN Invoice No

    Enter Details and Click on SHOW DETAILS

  • Then enter OTP received on mobile
  • Accept terms & condition Select “Pay Now”
  • Select mode of payment: Cash, Cheque, Card, Net banking, RTGS, NEFT.
  • Card : You will be directed to pay through Bank Debit card
    Net banking : You will be directed to multiple banks for payment
    RTGS / NEFT: Challan will be generated. Visit your bank to make fee payment.
    Cash or Cheque :
    Option 1 :
    Challan will be generated, visit ICICI Bank branch and make payment.

Click here to pay fees online PAY NOW

2. Pay through EaszeBuzz and Get Discounts


3. Pay through PayPal to Edupedia Publications


4. Pay through Instamojo

Link to PAY

For other Payment Options and queries 

Or Call Us  +91-9958-037-887 or 09557022047

To Understand the Process of Payment, watch this Video

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