Research Paper Writing – Experts Tips

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Writing High-Quality Research Paper: Expert Guide

Research Paper Writing – Experts Tips

Research Paper Writing – Experts Tips

While studying in a high school or an establishment of higher education, one will face the necessity to work on a research paper – a study of different technical, scientific, moral, or social aspects of a certain phenomenon. So if you have never dealt with this kind of paper, then the writing assignment may seem quite complicated. However, in fact, it is not so difficult to do! Of course, conducting research and writing a paper is not so easy thing to do, but if you follow our recommendations, you will have no problems with this kind of academic writing.

Select a Topic

Ask yourself the key questions about research you are going to conduct. It is a good idea to select a theme that is actual, new, fresh, or unexplored. This will allow you to express your own ideas in the paper. Alternatively, you can debate a generally accepted concept and prove your disproof of it. Such an innovative paper is definitely bound to be successful. It is also advisable to select a theme you are interested in. If you conduct research on a topic you care about the most, it will have a positive effect on the paper quality. Otherwise, you can reach out to Yourwriters and ask for qualified help.
Conduct In-Depth Research
Begin a detailed study of the selected theme. Look through websites, books, scientific magazines, encyclopedias, and blogs; all these will serve as useful informational sources for the study. Be sure to visit all the websites related to your chosen topic and use at least 5 different sources. If possible, cite good old empirical studies, which are articles or books written by acknowledged experts on the subject of your investigation that were read and approved by other scholars on the issue you research. The use of such a source will make your research paper truly credible and successful.

Prepare a Draft

After collecting all the materials for your research paper, print them and underline everything necessary for you to prepare the paper. This step is crucial for the very final result; therefore, read attentively all the materials found, make appropriate notes, and mark key facts or statements. Work with maximum attention at this stage to ease the future writing. The annotation process can take a long time, but this is necessary to restore order in your materials to ease your future work.

Work on a Research Paper

Prior to starting writing, decide on the purpose of your paper. Consider that there are 2 types of research; each of them requires a special approach. Thus, discussion research bases on a controversial topic or argues a certain generally accepted statement. Importantly, the issue discussed in the paper should be controversial so that opponents could make logical counter-arguments. In its turn, analytical research offers the basis for an innovative perspective on any topic. Subject itself may not create any controversy, but you should do your best to assure your audience that your ideas deserve being heard. In both types of research, it is necessary to show your own unique ideas following on from the investigated materials.
To make your research paper sound persuasive, write a preliminary thesis statement based on non-biased research. It expresses a general idea of your work and makes a statement about a certain issue. Remember that your entire research should be logically linked with the thesis statement; therefore, it is essential to be identified quite clearly. In the body of the paper, you should return to all of your found materials and rough sketches and then make a discussion. Ascertain that all your thoughts are presented in the logical order and are summed-up at the end of the paper to make it sound even more persuasive and effective for your audience!

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