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Vehicle Speed Limit and Lock for Drunken Drivers

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This book is giving a new approach on the section of the safety procedure of the automobile industry. By giving a technique that can be implemented to decrease the accidents happen by the drunken drivers. This technique is implemented with a smart system that monitors the driver for the presence of any alcohol level in their body by constantly checking the breath of the driver. As alcohol is very evaporative material the checking procedure is done by placing a alcohol sensor in the steering of the vehicle which will monitor the presence of alcohol molecule near the surrounding of the driver. The speed of the vehicle varies according to the content of alcohol detected. Vehicle countermeasure system constantly adjust the speed of the vehicle normal speed level of 100 km/h. 80% of speed for 0% to 20% of alcohol level, 30% to 30 % of alcohol 70% of full speed, 30% to 40% of alcohol 60% of full speed, 40% to 70% of alcohol level 50% of full speed and when alcohol level is more than 70% the vehicle slowly decrease its speed and the engine ignition off. The Global positioning system (GPS) measure the latitude and longitude values and sends the information to the responsible person along with a one-time password that switch on the ignition system again as a message using the GSM module. All the processes and function in this project are aided with the controller Raspberry Pi 2.


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