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US Drone Policy and Anti-American Sentiments in Pakistan (2001-2012)

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Author’s NameWaseem Zeab Khan & Jamshed-ur-Rehman


The drone attacks started in Pakistan in 2004 under the Bush presidency, and are still operating, targeting the so-called ‘High value’ targets. But the high value targets are not achieved, but the local Taliban, and many civilians are being killed in these covert drone strikes. It is noteworthy that, Obama administration has increased these drone strikes in Pakistan as compared to that of Bush administration. President Obama has adopted the policy of ‘to kill and not to capture’ to pursue the high value targets or al-Qaeda members which have taken asylum in some areas of Pakistan. But this policy had caused many civilian casualties, and also destroyed the Pakistan’s sovereignty. The covert drone strikes in Pakistan are conducted by CIA which is not the part of the US army.


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