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The Effects of Digital Divide on Teaching and Learning Processes in Second Cycle Schools in the Wenchi Municipality of Ghana

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AUTHOR: Kwame Baah 


Teaching is becoming one of the most challenging professions in our society.  Knowledge is expanding rapidly and modern technology is demanding teachers and students to use technologies in teaching and learning. The study compared the students from two schools; the schools with computers and other schools without computers. Data for this study were collected by performance test and interview in Methodist Senior High School and Istiqarma Senior High School both in Wenchi Municipality. Forty Senior High School students and twenty teachers were randomly selected from both schools for the study. Semi-Structured interview was used to collect data from the teachers and Statistical Package for Social Science (SPSS) software was used to analyze the students’ questionnaire.

Formulated research hypothesis were statistically tested using independence sample t-test in SPSS. The study organized a variety of approaches found in the availability of ICT tools and their usage. Results of these analysis showed that students from schools with computers performed better than those without computers. It further identified factors enabling or inhibiting the successful adoption and use of ICT. It also explored the effectiveness of government policy mechanisms at national and regional levels.

However, the study recommended that government and other stakeholders in education should equip the second cycle schools with the necessary ICT infrastructure, professionally trained ICT teachers and adequate financial staff support to facilitate smooth integration of ICT into the curriculum.


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