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The Effect of Sustainable Land Management (SLM) to Ensure Food Security

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Now  a  days, land  degradation has  emerged as  a  significant  threat  to the  promotion  of  green economy, wellbeing of the ecology and ensuring food security. To counteract such a problem, Scaling up SLM technologies is a drastic solution. It is with this grand theme that this study was conducted  in  Tehuledere  Woreda  in  three  surrounding  districts  (Amumo,  Kundimeda  and Messal) taking the vulnerability of the area in to consideration. It shade light at identifying the factors hindering the adoption of SLM technologies and, the role of SLM technologies to ensure food security, and assessing the causes of food security in the context of SLM in the study area. The data used were obtained from both primary and secondary sources. The primary sources include structured questionnaire survey and focus group discussion methods. A  total  of 193 households  were  interviewed  and  their  responses  were  interpreted.  Scientific reports and conference proceedings were used to support the primary data. Descriptive statistics method was used  for  analyzing  among  farm  land  size,  household,  topography,  erosion  status  and  the adoption  of  soil  and  water conservation  practices. The results indicated that farm  land  size, educational status of household head, slop of the farm land, lack of awareness, lack of adequate rain fall, financial constraints and distance to the farm plot from household home were among the major factors that negatively influence adoption of SLM in the study area which resulted in food insecurity. Furthermore, applying cost effective technologies which are suited for different topography such as manure, stone bundles, check dams, planting trees, etc. are recommended to be adopted effectively to ensure food security. Finally, lack of rainfall, land degradation and soil erosion, small land size, and limited status of SLM technologies are found to be causes of food insecurity in the context of SLM. As land is the main stay of the life in rural areas, efforts should be exerted for successfully scaling up of SLM technologies. 


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