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The Capital Letter Rhythm of British Era

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Author’s NameNeeraj Sinha


The Indian Language,   Slang (Song Literature And Name Genesis )  , Song (Sound Of Name Genesis) , Anthem (A Nation Tribute Hyman Emblem Mantra ).Festival( Friendly  Enjoyment Season Time In Virtual Area Life)   And Deities(Devine Effective Intuitional Temple In Earlier Society)Hyman(Holy Yonder Mantra Around Nature) From  British Era   is  still Running  From Lingua Franca Of Several language with its meaningless impact on several languages . Although   these word had never been encouraged or developed   for any purposeful reason except its widely used among tribes . In the contest of  Hindi language the words had not been Interpreted  correctly , here thousand of Hindi and English  words had been accepted to present its real sentence formation with the same word   rhythm for publication .

This publication holds Indian Anthem , National Song, Culture Hyman like mantra  , Two Short Story and Two  SCHIENGLISH  DEMONSTRATION   as a leaf book of my further publication aiming North Indian Religious Aqua Jap  with  at least fourteen thousand words  from daily walk of life  .

Although From Somewhere I have recorded the comment in this work to be   under capital punishment  so it should be advanced in todays time for Capital Judicia  .

 For that I want to assure that the persuasion never meets the real needs of time to be independent timeless reason  and this is the impact  on today time so it  need for today’s time of English literature for its edge old  grand culture  which   it is still hidden where this work will prove to be easy and enjoyable to be   far away from unnecessary lingua bound or thought bound  discipline .

I hope people will enjoy these  word  publication to ease the sense and simplicity of that Era and will keep the todays time on right track   to reach our common needs  .  Purpose of this leaf publication is  to serve and search the  desired  words of interest .

So kindly meet our common needs without fear to  keep this work  enjoyable for ever  and to obey the  Capital  Judicia  of English literature as far as possible.


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