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Running and Walking Physiology


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The project is a Basic attempt to provide basic myology text to physical education. The narrow Title, in Running and walking physiology was chosen to try to encourage others to write much-needed books and publisher to publish them. While many books have been written, there remain content areas lacking appropriate texts, and where students would benefit if they existed. My work here is clearly not done. I tried to do specific work only to running and walking with physiology concept.

However, The author felt that the time had come to change the title of text to running and walking physiology, opening the market to other disciplines.However, this text remains a basic textbook. Students who want only the basic knowledge of running and walking physiology approach will find this text of great value.

Not all disciplines may need all of information with in text. There are several text books that give a more in depth analysis of the subject matters; however, running and walking physiology is intended to provide an easy to understand basic introduction of running and walking specific with physiology discipline only.

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