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Regimenting Americanism A Short Cut into a Dialogical Globe

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Author’s NameMohamed BELAMGHARI
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This monograph will be divided into two parts. The first one shall be concerned with the question of forging dialogue between Muslims and Westerners. Such a point has been raised as a fundamental key element in Obama’s speech. To that effect, debating such an issue is going to put under scrutiny different subject matters of the speech, such as democracy, human rights and economic progress, and the extent to which such global concerns can be faithfully respected. The second part of the monograph attempts to further explain how international relations with Islamic and Western countries can be bridged provided that they are fully committed to fight against terrorism and law transgressors. During this part, focus shall be devoted to debating the different challenges that are perceived to be hindrances in the way of international security and peace, such as terrorism and violence. In the course of debating such security and peace challenges, the Israeli-Palestinian conflicts will be analysed with the aim of laying bare the numerous disparities that continue to fuel hatred between the Arab-Islamic world and the Western-Christian one. In this way, this monograph would have humbly assessed part of the speech of the leader of the world’s super power, thereby revealing the extent to which this speech resembles the previous ones although couched in more persuasive and promising words.


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