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Parent’s Interest and Involvement Towards Schooling and Academic Achievement of Childrens’ at Secondary Level

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Parents who stay involved in their children academic are more likely to be with improved behaviour, self esteem, disciplined, self motivation, with positive attitude and tend to achieve better grades irrespective of their ethnic, social or racial background. At is seen that many teachers are at opine that lack of involvement from parents leads to negative impacts on their children grades and behaviour at school.

On the other hand parents, who show no interest in their childrens life at school, are most likely to kill all the enthusiasm their children have towards learning. When Parents are actively involved with their children schooling, children will learn the importance of education and try to inculcate those behaviours from their parents.

Parents’ interest and involvement helps children to know that their schooling is not just confined to them but it’s a collaborative approach between teachers, their parents and themselves. This team work will result in motivating the children to work hard and produce positive results. Even research points out, two third of childrens believe that parents involvement in their education results in better performance in school and do not skip classes.  When parents provide a loving, supportive and safe environment at home that fosters healthy positive communication and study habits which also helps the children interact better with their peers and advance their social skills.

Parental involvement in the nurturing their own child’s education and overall development is one of the core indicators of later achievement. It is through this involvement and interest childrens will understands and appreciates the importance of a solid education.

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