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Multi-Visions in English Language and Literature

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S. Anandh Raj (M.A, M.Phil.)


This present volume is the outcome of a feeling I have had for a long time, that the Indian student cannot profit greatly by the study of English language & Literature unless he clearly understand them, on account of the labor involved in collecting the necessary material, which is not all available at one place and in a suitable form. I have done best to my explanations as lucid as possible. I intend the volume to serve as a stepping-stone to further study. The book cannot, of course, pretend to be a complete record of all the forms and phases of English Language & Literature, but it contains a selection of those which I regard myself as a major interest and importance. This book broadly covers various literary theories like Post colonialism, Cultural Studies, Feminism, Stylistics, and Discourse Analysis etc. An effort has been made to keep the description clear, simple and brief. This book is free from linguistic jargon and will be of great use to an inquisitive reader. I am indebted to all the eminent writers, whose books and research papers have influenced my learning of various subjects. I am grateful to Dr. K. Naveen Kumar for having kindly given the Foreword to the book. I wish to thank the Former Head of the Department of English, Annamalai University, Dr. S. Padmini and Dr. S. Barathwaj for their constant support and encouragement for the publication of this book. I am very much grateful to Dr. B. Suresh, Head of the Department, RKM Vivekananda College, University of Madras, for the invaluable guidance and suggestions, which have set my work in a clear perspective. I wish to thank the faculty members of BWDA Arts & Science College for their kind co-operation. On a personal note I wish to express my gratitude and regards to my parents Mr. S. Saruguna Doss and Mrs. S. Thara for showering their blessings upon me. I would like to place a bouquet of thanks to my lovable sisters Mrs. S. Hema and Mrs. S. Banu, for acting as a catalyst to the whole endeavor. Without their encouragement and co-operation this work would not have seen the light of the day. Last but not least my thanks are due to my friends, Mr. A. PilmcoDass, Assistant Professor and Mr. S.S. Sathish Kumar, Ph.D Research Scholar, Tiruvaluvar University for extending their love, affection and co-operation throughout the period of work.


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