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Matikam Udhyognu Bhavi : Ek Abhyash

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લેખકનું નામ

Patel Dilipkumar    &  Patel Alkaben

પટેલ દિલીપકુમાર & પટેલ અલ્કાબેન


This Research Book Title : Matikam Udhyognu Bhavi : Ek Abhyash      ( In Gujarati Language ), this study attempt identify factors that determine of Soil work small scale industry professional  current challenges and problems ,and how to this industry now slow working and what types changes doing should take steps , what is future challenges in this profession  In selected area Valsad District in Karaka and Pardi taluka state of Gujarat. Researcher was Randomly Selected 90  Respondent in Kaprada  tauka in Gujarat state. The major instrument for the data collection was a questionnaire and Observation method  that was designed on a 5 point linkert scale and other design. Researcher  recommended that more Facility should be provide in this soil work professional government subsidy for new technology and new product information through new open help centre on every village, and central selling unit also this profession improved service technology through participation, seminar ,conference and symposium. Researcher data analysis use  technique of percentage method and hypothesis test on ANOVA  ( Analysis of Variance ) Used.


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