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Indian passenger car industry is considered as the mother industry for many other industries. Industries like rubber, pain, glass, electrical and electronics industries get lot of demand from the passenger car industry and thereby they prosper or suffer along with car industry. The growth of Indian car industry can be associated with the fact that the India’s strong engineering base and expertise in the manufacturing of low-cost, fuel-efficient cars has resulted in the expansion of manufacturing facilities of several multinational automobile giants like BMW, Mercedes Benz, Hyundai, Nissan, Toyota, Volkswagen and Maruti Suzuki. Also, it should be noted that the new generation of employees who constituted the major chunk of the Indian middleclass exhibited more sending orientation rather than saving orientation. The car was once considered as a luxury item but slowly people started treating it as a facility. The Indian car buyers are price conscious and also expect less maintenance expense and low running cost. Therefore, the people, always has to think whether to go for petrol or diesel car since, the petrol car is cheaper in terms of initial purchase price and low maintenance cost but on the other hand, a diesel car is cheaper in terms of higher mileage and also cheaper fuel price (until now). The book focuses on the study that aimed at finding out the change in buying behavior of customers towards purchase of cars and their perception towards petrol and diesel cars. This book would be handy to researchers, undergraduate and postgraduate students belonging to management studies, commerce, economics and, sociology disciplines to understand the buying behavior through a real world case study.


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