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Job Satisfaction of Box Manufacture Industry Workers

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Author’s NamePatel Dilipkumar


The main objective of this research  to find the Calculated of industries worker’s  work satisfaction level and  problems of  faced by the workers while working in Industry and find the ways how we make   Satisfaction with their organization. The purpose of this research is to find the key facture which are useful for the satisfaction of the workers i.e. workplace reward and recognition, environment, training and development and Work of team . These Causes help to make the planing effective and through this effectiveness, efficiency takes place in the management process.

The study was conducted in year  2014-15 and covered 70 respondent  only Small Scale box manufacturer industries working  workers from  the territory of Kaprada and Pardi  taluk of Gujarat state. hypothesis test Chi-Square researcher Applied. This study hypothesis test result mostly indicate that significant difference of various work factor and Job satisfaction of Box Making Industries Workers.


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