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Author’s NameRakesh Kumar Verma



This collection of poems is a shining jewel in the crown of the poet, Rakesh Kumar Verma who is also an artist whose expression in the form of poems and arts represents the modern life and the ray of hope for humanity. His poems have deep impact on the mind of the readers. The original theme of this book is to inspire the people in all phases of life, whether it is the love, or job, or the true senses of life. Book stands as a real fellow in supporting the emotional and extra-temperamental situation of human, whenever they require. The readers can easily connect his poem to their life.


This collection of poems is divided into six sections, namely, Section: A “Guidance & Inspiration for Success in Job”, which is a good collection of poems which will inspire the readers to excel in their life. The poet has tried to relieve human from the tiresome work-life. This section guides the reader through the long journey of life by describing the meaning of work, and suggesting the ways of success in their causes. The book provides guidance and motivation to beginners and shows the right ways to achieve their goals by pouring their efforts in the right phase of wok.


Section: B “Harmony of Thoughts” will take to the new level of thinking and perception of the world. The poet has penned some of the poems which will give you peace of mind or you feel relaxed after reading them. He also mentioned the effect of being hopeless and thoughtfulness on the life.


Section: C “The Life”. In this section the poet has tried to define life in his own poetic way which is unparalleled in the world of poetry. Book picked some of the really good point regarding life, and expressed them in a poetic way.


Section: D “Digging Myself”. This section of the poem is about self-exploration and introspection wherein poets look back to his deed and re-interpret the life. He suggests the ways to life by looking inside their heart, and analyzing their own to explore that they are and can be.


Section: E “Love Affairs”. This section shows the youthful expression of the emotion of the love experience by poet in his life and gives a way to understand real meaning of love, when someone got hurt due to break-up. He also motivates youths to emerge from this emotional stage to boost them.

Section: F “Revolution”. This section expresses the poet’s way of revolution in the life and this is really exceptional work of poet. The book tells about the real meaning of revolution which author encountered in last few years, and looked them as a revolutionary act in the individual’s life.

Hope you will enjoy reading this collection of poems.

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