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Influence of Management Accounting in Creating Sustainable Competitive Advantage in Commercial Banks

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Author’s NameNickson Moseti Ongaki, Dr. Okibo Walter Bichanga & Dr. Willy Muturi


Current management accounting techniques have not been widely accepted as  a means to develop a competitive advantage. The information obtained from the  literature  reviewed  and  the  results  from  an  empirical  study  that  involved  a  sample  of  forty  respondents  from  Equity  Bank  found  that  the  modern  management accounting practices provide very important skills and techniques  in building competitiveness. The practices play an important role in the planning,  developing,  implementing  and  evaluating  strategic  competitive  policies  that  result  in  a  competitive  advantage.  The  study  outlines  the  importance  of  management  accounting  practices  in  providing  strategies  that  lead  to  the  creation  of  a  competitive  advantage  in  an  organisation.  However,  the  conclusions are drawn on a conceptual level and a future empirical investigation  is needed to substantiate these claims further. The study also sets a foundation  for  more  focused  research  into  the  importance  of  modern  management  accounting practices in developing a competitive advantage especially in the  banking sector.


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