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With the approach of sky, the mystery of weathering phenomena is no longer a hidden question mark. The year 1957 was a remarkable time when U.S.S.R launches first space satellite and even before with the help of hot air balloons, aero planes man has being exploring the atmosphere. Today with the help of satellite and other modern line instruments we have a vast pool of data which is use full for all climatology applications from identifying drought, flood, temperature variations, violent weather phenomena such as cyclone, tornadoes, thunderstorm etc. to disaster management and rescue operations.

The present book is a simplified version of all tropical terms, phenomena and mechanisms related to atmosphere. With the help of basic science laws, theorem and derivation conceptual problems and facts related to atmospheric circulation of heat, wind and humidity aspects are tried to solve out. The basic concept clarity is the main feature of this book and instead of huge writing works, basic concepts with their definition, figures and graphs has been tried to solve out. This book will prove very helpful for the beginners, college students and aspiration of competitive examinations. I hope that the book will develop a clear cut concept approach and analytical thinking among readers.


  Satish Kumar ‘Panghal’

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