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Fringe Benefits Strategy on Growth of Employee Productivity in the Public Sector in Kenya

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Author’s NameNickson Moseti Ongaki & Enock Mauthia Otundo
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Fringe benefits focus on maintaining the quality of life for employees and providing a level  of protection and financial security for workers and for their family members some  common  examples  are;  retirement  or  pension  plans,  medical  insurance,  education  reimbursement  and  time  off.    Like  base  pay  plans,  the  major  objective  for  most  organizational fringe compensation programs is to attract, retain and motivate qualified,  competent employees. Numerous surveys and experiences of HR professionals reveal that  the tangible rewards that people receive for working come in the form of pay, incentives  and benefits and one key to retention is to have competitive compensation practices.  Employers on the other hand would be striving to cut costs so as to post impressive profit  at the end of the accounting period.   It is clear that there is a research gap in this area of  study and that further research needs to be carried out, in order to find out whether fringe  benefits really do have any effect on the productivity of employees in the public sector,  Kenya. The main purpose of this research project is to find out fringe benefits effects on  employee productivity in the public sector, Nairobi County. This study adopted descriptive  survey design which is concerned with determining the frequency with which something  occurs or the relationship between variables. This study was carried out at the State  Department of Water, where the total population is 189. The researcher targeted 30% of  the entire population which stands at 58 employees. A simple random sampling of the  targeted population was employed. The researcher used questionnaires to collect the data  and also consulted secondary sources and literature for comparison.  After the collection of  the  data  it  was  edited  to  identify  inconsistencies  and  establish  uniformity  and  then  compiled to facilitate entry of the responses into the computer. The quantitative data was  analyzed using a statistical package for social sciences (SPSS) and excel spreadsheets.  Presentation of the quantitative findings was done in form of tables and percentages to  enable easy interpretation by the readers accompanied by the requisite explanations and  narrations. From the study it was established that security benefits such as meal, transport  and house allowances contributed positively to employee productivity, that health of the  workforce is inextricably linked to the productivity of the workforce and the health of the  nation‟s economy, that retirement benefits strongly influenced workers‟ behavior, giving  younger  workers  a  compelling  reason  to  continue  working  for  their  employer  and  encouraging older workers to retire on a timely basis and finally that, recognizing and  rewarding employees for a job well done enhances employee productivity.   Since all p- values for all variables were found to be less than 0.05 it can be statistically concluded  from the study that fringe benefits have a significant influence on employee productivity in  the public sector. From the study it can be recommended that; the government should  continue providing security benefits to all civil servants, as they positively influence  employee  productivity  and  raise  overall  performance  in  the  public  sector,  it  should  continue providing health protection benefits to its employees since this will help them  create a sense of loyalty and encourage their productivity, it should review the current  retirement package since a good retirement package will attract and retain employees in the  public sector and also improve their productivity and finally that public organizations need  to improvise employee recognition programs for jobs well done as this will motivate  employees thus enhancing their productivity in the public sector.


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