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Financial Performance of Co- operative Societies: A Comparative Study

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Author’s NamePatel Dilipkumar Chunilal


Financial analysis is the process of identifying the financial strengths and weakness of the firm from the available accounting data and financial statements. The focus of financial analysis is on key figures in the financial statements and the significant relationship that exists between them. The analysis of financial statements is a process of evaluating relationship between component parts of financial statements to obtain a better understanding of the firm’s position and performance. This study aims at analyzing the overall financial efficiency of the Pindaval Cooperative society And Karchond Cooperative Society in Valsad District in Gujarat state in India both selected Cooperative society has working same activity. by Researcher’s  using various financial tools. The study has been undertaken for the period of 6 years from 2008-9  to 2013-14. In order to analyze financial efficiency in terms of Profitability, solvency, Activity and financial stability various accounting ratios have been used.


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