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Financial Analysis of Cooperative Society

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The present study of the research entitled “ Financial Analysis of Cooperative Society”. The study was based on secondary data from records, and profile of the Cooperative Societies. The Ratio analysis is the process of Observation the financial soundness and cost effectiveness of the firm by establishing relationship between the items of balance sheet and profit and loss a/c. The present study has thrown major concentration in ratio analysis, from the 6 years balance sheet and profit and loss a/c. An objective of the study includes the profitability Ratio, Structural ratios, Liquidity ratios, and Activity ratio of Cooperative Societies in Dharampur, and Ahva taluk in south Gujarat in India. Overall financial performance of the Cooperative Societies is discussed. Short term-long term position is good in study period of the Selected Cooperatives. Suitable suggestion was given by the researcher for a better soundness and cost effectiveness & Test Hypothesis ‘T’ test has been applied.


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