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Eco-Tourism in South Gujarat- A Study

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Authored by Patel Dilipkumar 


“Ecotourism involves visiting natural areas with the objectives of learning, studying or participating in activities that do not bring negative effects to the environment; whilst protecting and empowering the local community socially and economically.” (Cristina, 2004)
The Objective of this research is to explore the scope to which the local residents of tourism industry the Navsari district And Valsad District in South Gujarat have attitudes and awareness towards ecotourism impact of sustainable development. They are need of training and education and Language improvement related to ecotourism in order to improve their lifestyles, economy and resource management. Their involvement in ecotourism programs would be a potential strategy to promote and support sustainable development in the area.
This study researcher used method data collection was secondary data source has various Journal , Magazine and websites also, and primary source has Questionnaire and interview schedule with local people and Visitors opinion regarding tourist place facilities and give suggestion to better improvement to selected Place. Hypothesis test of Analysis of Variance (ANOVA) Used and
Covariance and Standard Deviation etc.


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