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Digital Book Giveaway


A Digital Book Giveaway is a EduPub marketing campaign that enables readers to read your book online by helping spread the word about it. Running a Digital Book Giveaway allows you to reach more people by combining your book’s launch with Facebook’s social reach. The objective of this campaign is to help building awareness about your book among readers on Social Media.

How it works:
  • Your book’s page on the EduPub Bookstore will have the ‘Read Instantly’ feature enabled which will allow readers to first preview your book and then continue reading your book online.
  • Readers who read the preview of your book need to share about your book on Facebook in order to continue reading it thereby helping you in spreading the word about your book to their friends. The book is also added to their reading shelf on EduPub.
  • Readers who are part of your target audience are driven to the sales page via ads on Facebook during the campaign period.
  • You receive the complete analytics from the campaign – No. of readers who have visited the page, No. of reads and No. of Shares on Social by these readers.


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