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To Design Protocol for Enhance Security and Congestion Control in MANET

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The routing in MANET is not easy to maintained strong link in between sender to receive. The availability bandwidth in MANET is fixed, that is creating the problem of link blockage and the load is enhancing rapidly on the link. In MANET if the congestion is occur then the performance of network is gradually decreased according to time. No supervision is watch the network activities to handled the occurrence of traffic jamming due to that identified the overloading in dynamic network at the time of routing. In this research we proposed the ACO based multipath congestion control technique with varying the queue according to load in dynamic network. The AOMDV is also balance the load by providing alternative path but not proficient at every condition. The AOMDV is provides the multiple path for data sending. In proposed scheme multiple path section is based on the pheromone value not on the basis of shortest and the possible queue variation is handled the data packets that cross the decided queue limit. The queue is incremented and the storing and forwarding capability of nodes is also enhanced. The proposed load balancing scheme is efficiently handled the load on the network. If the node being a part of communication is moves out of range then the AOMDV is reduced the overhead reestablishment of connection in between sender and receiver. The proposed scheme is improves the routing by pheromone based selection route.  The result comparison of normal AOMDV and proposed ACO based route selection with varying queue is measured through performance metrics. Every node in Mobile Ad hoc Network (MANET) is freely moves and independent. The dynamic nature of topology in MANET is creating the problem in routing, due to that the routing protocols for MANET is separately designed. In this paper the AODV unipath and AOMDV multipath are one of the, are considered for research.  The AOMDV maintained the alternate routings possibilities so that they can be utilized when the primary path fails but the unipath are not handled the situation if the congestion is accurred. The single path protocol is not capable (without modification in routing procedure) to handle congestion. In this paper, we classify the congestion control capability of AODV and AOMDV rotuing protocol.  The AOMDV is balanced the load by that the packets dropping due to congestion is minimized and enhanced routing performance. The simulation results show that the AOMDV is provides the better performance than AODV routing protocol. The AOMDV significantly increase the packet delivery ratio and decrease the average delay, the performance is better than other protocols. The ACO (Ant Colony Optimization) isnovel concept to improves the routing performance of network because multiple choices of path available to deliver data to destination. The link capacity in network is limited and it is also not possible extend easily as wired network. The multipath protocol like AOMDV is balance the load by providing alternative path but not proficient at every condition. The problem of congestion in MANET is not possible to removes completely because of limited bandwidth capacity of link between the two nodes. The transport layer protocol like TCP and UDP is control the communication end to end in dynamic network. In Network both protocols are used for communication. In this paper we measure the performance of TCP and UDP protocol, in dynamic network in presence of DDoS attack and normal ACO routing and proposed secure communication. The attacker behaviour is identified by security mechanism to detect and prevent network from attacker. The packet loss in presence of attacker is more in network but after applying prevention scheme the packet loss is minimized.

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