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Depiction of Feminine Anxieties and Aspiration in the Novels of Toni Morssion -An Analytical Study

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Toni Morssion is considering by many as one of the prominent Africo-American writer and she is, known for original literary artistic writing in English during his times. This research paper critically studied the depiction of feminine anxieties and aspiration in his literary works .in the representative novels of Toni Morssion such as beloved, the bluest eye and A mercy These novels were concerned with the racism and anxieties of people from African who lead their life in both the circumstances of before and after colonization. This paper will help to enhance the knowledge of knowing the anxiety of the people especially when they clashed with colonial powers in the form of missionaries and colonial government. In the final analysis of this paper found that those novels can be seen as a display of the conflict within individual, society, cultural memory, searching for identity, myths etc. Between the desires to retain the individual values within or out of the society, which automatically leads to tragic down fall of any kind of individual. This paper divides into five chapters excluding conclusion and bibliography part.


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