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Credit Cooperative Society in Tribal Area

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Author’s NamePatel Dilipkumar & Patel Alkaben


This study was Conducted in  Most Successful  Credit Cooperatives Society Waroli in Gujarat state’s Valsad District to analyze  the financial performance by  using the data  in Five years ( 2008-09 To 2012-13 annual audit reports of the  financial statements Participatory discussion with management board team of Credit Cooperative society and  interview with Manager, Accountant And shareholder’s. This Financial Project examines the financial performance and  health, Financial growth trends, And efficiency of  Credit Cooperative society. and the loan services strategies. The health check up financial growth trend  conducted in the framework of most common financial ratios used in  the study. financial data concludes that Credit Cooperative Society Waroli in Valsad district has healthy position on liquidity; and good  Financial growth  Every year. Credit Cooperative Society Mangement  good working  overall efficiency.


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