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Book Manuscript Proof Reading Services

8,000.00 INR 3,000.00 INR

  • USD: 41.73$


We are aware, that as writers, you can be very close to your material. So close even the simplest errors can be left undetected.

To have a fresh pair of eyes read your work, intentionally paying close attention to typographical errors can only be beneficial.

Proof reading will only be done once you are at the type-setting stage, to help reduce your production costs. A proof copy of your book will be given to you prior to printing, allowing you to review it.

Please note: This service is not an editing service or a critical review, your work will remain untouched except for all the suggested typographical errors.

Fees for proof reading vary from book to book, depending on the volume of material to proof or the complexity of the subject.


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