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The project is a Basic attempt to provide basic myology text to commerce. The narrow Title, in Auditing was chosen to try to encourage students to learn and publisher to publish them. While many books have been written, there remain content areas lacking appropriate texts, and where students would benefit if they existed.

The author felt that the time had come to work on matter like auditing and framing the content in a manner so that students can find it enriched with information and opening the market to other disciplines.However,this text remains a basic textbook. It covers all topics related to Auditing: Meaning, objectives, importance and types of Auditing. Audit Process: internal control, internal check & internal audit, audit programmer. Audit Procedure: Routine checking, vouching, verification & valuation of assets & liabilities.Audit of Public Company: Qualification, Appointment of company Auditors, their powers, dutiesand liabilities, Audit of depreciation and reserves, divisible profits & dividendsAudit Report and InvestigationAudit Report: Meaning, objectives, contents and types.Investigation: Meaning, Nature and objectives.

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