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Absenteeism Study of Box Manufacture Industries Employee

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Author’s NamePatel Dilipkumar


Indian Industries in Absenteeism is very Important Human problem today. Absentia Absenteeism is generally understood in different ways by different persons. It is majority understood as an employees or a Industries of workers remaining absent from work either continuously for a long time or  back  for short period. The sample size of the study was 80 workers randomly selected for only Box Manufacturers Industries of Vapi G.I.D.C. in Valsad district. The information needed for the research has been received  from primary and secondary data. Primary data collected was questionnaire has been designed by the researcher according to the Study of objective. And secondary data collected by researcher various Journal , Magazine and Websites also. this Percentage analysis, Chi-square Analysis was used as tools for data analysis. This Research study will  Help The Industries To Know Their Current Practices Regarding Absenteeism in employee and workers of Box Manufacturers Industries. It give suggestion To Better Improve The Business in  A Better Prospect And Result in Box Manufacturers Industries Development.


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