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A study of impact of change in social environment on “HAAT” Bazaar system of villages


Patel Dilipkumar    &  Patel Alkaben

પટેલદિલીપકુમાર& પટેલઅલ્કાબેન

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Our aim for selecting this topic for research work is there are drastic changes taking place in each phase of life. In each phase of life, whether in religion, political or business. Taking the case of changes in the form of business, it has seen many up’s and down. The form of business has changed a lot. The norms, regulation, policies of doing the business has also change. The internal and external environment affecting the business environment has also brought huge change in itself. The whole world is under the impact of changing environment, so as India. The business environment has impacted very badly on the “HAAT” bazaar of many small villages of the country. Through my study I want to find out the impact of globalization of business on “HAAT “ bazaar. As a researcher I would like to visit the local areas “ HAAT” bazaar. Through the discussion with the local people visitor, traders, and my observation and knowledge, I would like to find out the problem faced and to some extent find out some solution to it.

The impact of globalization of business and coming up of MALL culture, Super store and modernized stores in urban areas are responsible for the down fall of “ HAAT “ bazaar system in India. The traditional system of “ HAAT’ Bazaar is under threat due to modernization of business and easy availability of thing with people. The time will tell decide, the survival of such traditional bazaar, which is the identity of tribal people of India.


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