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A Preliminary Thesis On SVC Config Advisor

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Author/Authors NameKushal S. Patel


The SAN Volume Controller combines software and hardware into a
comprehensive, modular appliance that uses symmetric virtualization. In the storage systems, number of heterogeneous hosts is connected to SVC. In SVC it is hectic task to configure all devices and hosts manually.
Time requirement to configure elements in SVC set up is very large.
Error detection is also difficult as there are number of hosts connected to the system. As there are various hosts connected in the system, it is very much difficult to check the configuration mismatch in the system. Also, if any customer reports an issue, it is hard to and the customer host, switch configuration details and if there is any configuration issue.
This project is introduced to overcome the problems with the configuration of system. This project will be able to get the current configuration of all heterogeneous hosts connected in the system and also able to configure the components. To communicate with remote machines, standard connection establishment mechanisms can be used. Current solution will work on iSCSI-attached hosts. This will reduce required time to configure hosts and to check errors in the configuration. Logs can be maintained to track the internal operations.


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