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  • Your choice of conferences that address today’s main business issues—reflecting on the theory and revealing the practice
  • Highly polished marketing for the conference you choose, to draw the audiences you wish to reach
  • Programs that carefully explore the relevant facets of a conference topic
  • Leading experts that address the main issues of a topic
  • Responsive Conference Board staff on hand at the conference, to help ensure your conference meets your expectations


  • Develops market leadership, through a role that fosters dialogue on key business issues and trends
  • Generates prospects and sales, by bringing customers to you
  • Provides a respected forum for your ideas on topics that affect your business
  • Amplifies your message, by providing a setting of heightened receptiveness
  • Provides influence, through face-to-face opportunities to engage in dialogue with thought and decision leaders


  • Provides a practical, well respected avenue to market leadership
  • Presents opportunities to form important, new business relationships
  • Offers flexibility in Sponsor Partner level, involvement and commitment
Indexing of Research Papers of a National Conference
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Journal for Studies in Management and Planning
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International Journal of Research Call for Papers
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International Journal of Research IJR
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