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Literature And Beyond A Critical Response To Modern Indian Literature
Hematological Studies in a few fresh water teleosts under the stress of Chemico-azodyes
Computer Programing Thermodynamics and Optics
creative writting

Creative Writing

We can discover the origins of spoken language in the need and, perhaps also, the desire for communi

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Screenplay Writing

Screenplay Writing

A generation of screenwriters has used Syd Field’s bestselling books to ignite successful careers

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Journalism in the Age of Social Media
English Literature by Mohd Tahir Amin Khan

English Literature

This book is written for the convenience of English literature readers. It contains brief history of

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Running and Walking Physiology
book publish


The project is a Basic attempt to provide basic myology text to commerce. The narrow Title, in Inter

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book publish


The project is a Basic attempt to provide basic myology text to commerce. The narrow Title, in Audit

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Secretarial Practices

Secretarial Practices

The project is a Basic attempt to provide basic myology text to commerce. The narrow Title, in Secre

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hindi books
hindi language book
hindi books political science
To Design Protocol for Enhance Security and Congestion Control in MANET
“I am an MBA not from top B-school…… BUT HOW TO GET PLACED LIKE B-SCHOOL PASSOUT??!!”
New Perspectives on Geography and Earth Science
National Conference On Innovations In Information And Communication Technology
Acharya Abhinavguptpad SahSrabdi Sampurti Vimarsh –Ek Prativedan
Priority Sector Lending in India by Public Sector Banks- A Study of Pre and Post-Reform Period
Examining the Disparities in Access to Social Intervention Programmes among Foster and Non Foster Children in Rural Ghana- A case study of Tain District
Recent Research in Social Sciences & Humanities
Vehicle Speed Limit and Lock for Drunken Drivers
Management Studies – Exploring New Opportunities
Depiction of Feminine Anxieties and Aspiration in the Novels of Toni Morssion -An Analytical Study
Modernity in the Themes and Techniques in the Poetry of Dylan Thomas -An Analytical Study
A Physics Course-Book (II) For DIPLOMA ENGINEERING
Book on Environmental Sustainability
Higher Education with a Purpose
book on Literature of Ram Vilas Sharma
Customer Perception about Online Shopping, Tamilnadu
The Effects of Digital Divide on Teaching and Learning Processes in Second Cycle Schools in the Wenchi Municipality of Ghana
New Perspectives in Sociology and Allied Fields
Girl Child and Education in Public Primary Schools in Pirrar Division in Transmara District, Narok County, Kenya
Whither Women A Shift from Endowment to Empowerment
Women in Parliament: Issues and Discussions
रसायन एक अध्ययन
Basic Concept of Recombinant DNA Technology
Socio-economic Impact of Somali Refugees on the Host Community in Addis Ababa
A Text Book of Molecular Biology
English Learning Made Easy- Strategies and Approaches
Jatiy sikshanni angeni samajik ane arthik asro : Ek Abhyas
A study of impact of change in social environment on “HAAT” Bazaar system of villages
Matikam Udhyognu Bhavi : Ek Abhyash
Book publication service
Future of Bamboo Work Industry: A Study
A Comparative Study - Financial Performance of Horticulture Cooperative Society
Impact of Globalization on Indian Tourism
Consumer Satisfaction of Internet Banking : A Study
Absenteeism Study of Box Manufacture Industries Employee
The Capital Letter Rhythm of British Era
Basic Concept of Data Mining
An Introduction to Cancer Biology
Financial Performance of Co- operative Societies: A Comparative Study
स्पर्श - पयार का एक एहसास
The Effect of Sustainable Land Management (SLM) to Ensure Food Security
The status of Women in FATA: A Comparison between Islamic Principles and Pashtunwali
Tips and Tricks for Bloggers and Webmasters
Local Revenue Administration and Development Finance in Ghana: A case study of Wenchi Municipal Assembly
Influence of Management Accounting in Creating Sustainable Competitive Advantage in Commercial Banks
Fringe Benefits Strategy on Growth of Employee Productivity in the Public Sector in Kenya
The Role of Strategic Planning On Enhancing Investment in Public Transport Saccos in Kenya
Strategies of Coping with Foreign Market Challenges by Small and Medium Enterprises in Kenya
Assessment of CBO’s And FBO’s Roles in Preventing and Controlling HIV/Aids
Don’t Worry Be Happy
book publication
The Role of Cement Industry in the Economic Development of Pakistan
Instant Notes on Immunology
Nutritional Status of Primary School Children
book publication
Milk Cooperative Society , Tribal Area- A Financial Study
no image
Best thoughts and Quotes of the Word
Gold Buyers Behaviour
Yamuna Biodiversity Park, New Delhi (eBook) A Case Study by Shashikant Nishant Sharma
A Study of Socio-Economic Elements Influencing Gender Imbalance in Elective Governance Positions in Kenya
Naye Ehsas Ke Paudhen
poetry for children by Shashikant Nishant Sharma
Corporate Social Responsibility
Thesis publication offer
Eco-Tourism in South Gujarat- A Study
no image
Financial Analysis of Cooperative Society


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