How to Motivate Yourself When You Absolutely Don’t Want To Write

How to motivate yourself when absolutely don’t want to write


1.1. Blogs

1.2. Books

1.3. Overheard Dialog

1.4. Magazines

1.5. Movies

1.6. Forums

1.7. Art

1.8. Music

1.9. Friends

1.10. Writing Groups


1.12. Nature

1.13. History

1.14. Travel

1.15. Children


Writing services for authors

Writing services for authors

Have you ever lost inspiration while writing? Yes! And this is not surprising. Such situations are very familiar even the most professional writers in the world. Therefore, you’ll have those days when you’ll need  the motivation to complete a project or blog post. In many cases, inspiration goes beyond the mere feeling of desire. But still, it forms an integral part of your writing process.

From time to time, every writer needs some inspiration to come up with practical or inspired writing. Interestingly, you may find it in the rarest sources. Here, we have taken the time to provide you with some attractive ways of getting writing inspiration. Some of the guidelines and resources listed here are obvious, and others are complex:


This is one of our favorite resources. Even though you have a blog, there are several blogs on writing a various degree of topics. It’s important to read what works for others as this would go a long way in inspiring you to take action!


books publication and editing services

books publication and editing services

Well, here is one of the resources that have consistently been used over time. As an expert blogger or political writer, it’s advisable to go through articles or pieces of writing done by famous authors or bloggers. Analyze their writing, get their ideas and inspire yourself to greatness. One of the eye-catchy topics involves fictional stories and those articles touching on contemporary issues.

Overheard Dialog

It’s always good to eavesdrop on people now and then. Whether you’re in the park, mall or your workplace, it’s important to know what people are saying. Is this a terrible habit? Probably yes but listening to other people’s conversations gives you some rather interesting ideas. So, get some interesting dialogs and shock your online audience with unique and captivating topics!


Are you likely to come across perfect writing on magazines? Well no, but the beauty of reading these types of reading resources is to get hold of fiction or non-fiction pieces. Most come with good tonal variations, rhythm, and the ability to hook you up to an accurate reading. You’ll get inspired. Even those terrible magazines are not the best examples of writing; they still come with interesting topics for you to use on your blog. They make use of trending topics to attract and captivate their audience.


Sometimes, as you watch a certain film, one of the characters may say something interesting. You’ll even find that it forms a captivating topic. So, as you watch the latest blockbusters, make full use of those beautiful dialogs. Another key feature to note is the landscape or area where the movie was shot. Coming across some captivating views is straightforward.


When people write on different forums, they do not put so much emphasis on style or beauty. A majority of them write to convey information or even ideas. Even so, such ideas can significantly shape the quality of your blog. Well, you don’t have to go through many forums daily, but if you’re looking for useful content, going through some forums is a smart idea!


Art is a perfect form of inspiration especially if you’re a writer who wants to scale the heights of blogging success. While written art projects may fail to compare to the real thing, it’s advisable to get inspiring works of art and place them on your computer device for much deeper understanding. A good example is the Michelangelo’s Pieta. However, it doesn’t necessarily have to be those classical works but also consider looking at some Japanese animes or search for local artists in your area. The most important thing is to find what works for you!


Do love music? Most writers prefer classical music as it provides a more relaxing feeling. It refreshes the brain and gives you more reason to keep writing. Even so, get a hold of the best playlists on the genre which suits you best. Put on some earphones or headsets, play it in the background as you complete a writing project and let it feel your every emotion as you proceed.


Research partners and research guides

Research partners and research guides

How many friends do you have? Well, different conversations with your friends either in real life or through online platforms greatly inspire you to come up with some of the best blog posts. They give you a different blend of ideas and contribute to fresh content.

Writing Groups

If you’re not a member of any writing group, then you should consider joining one now! Whether online of those located in your community, such groups are perfect means of getting motivation and feeling energetic while writing. Have a topic, and share it with the rest of the members. You’ll get expert comments and criticisms which take the further step of improving your writing skills. And if you don’t know how to write book report or any other written paper, you cam also to ask advice from the writing guru. Moreover, reading of different writers will inspire you to develop on your own.


Great quotes are perfect modes of inspirations. Nowadays, you can even find mobile applications based on the world’s most inspiring quotes from renowned world leaders. Therefore, consider looking for those quotes which boost your writing or phrases that show what you need to use language for your overall improvement.


Stuck while looking for ideas, well, you can always take a walk or jog for a little while. Go into the heart of mother-nature and explore the beauty of the trees and grass. It is essential to appreciate the great beauty which surrounds you. Sunsets and sunrise are one some of the captivating scenes to behold. Waterfalls, oceans, lakes and anything else surrounding water also creates a more captivating feel.


Historical leaders or other people who shaped our lives today may also give you the inspiration you need to continue writing. Some good examples include:

  • Benjamin Franklin
  • Gandhi
  • Abraham Lincoln
  • Leonardo Davinci

Look for even those local leaders, for instance, the liberation or freedom fighters. Learn and understand their stories, and you’ll feel re-energized to perform your writing craft with more enthusiasm.


How often do you travel? Whether it’s halfway across the world or maybe a trip to the national park, moving away from your routine is crucial to your writing success in your life. Explore different customs and interact with the local communities you come across. Eventually, you’ll have something exciting to talk about as you use these places to open up how you view the world.


If you have kids, it’s always good to spend time with them by doing a variety of activities. Good examples include taking walks or reading. There are other fun activities such as board games or pillow fights. Take this time and be reflective about life, humanity and most of all, love! You’ll find that children give you a fresh perspective of life and ultimately, change the way you take things.


Feeling a bit inspired? The above methods and resources are capable of improving your writing skills by giving you the zeal to keep on going. Bear in mind that even the smart and savvy writers in the world experienced some bumpy roads and shaky moments to get to where they are now. You could be the next one on this long list, all you have to do is grab the bull by its horns and take up the opportunity. We hope to read your article(s) soon!

Author Bio: Christina Battons is a creative writer and content strategist from LA. Currently, I write for various sites. My posts address topics about self-education, writing, motivation,  professional development. In my spare time, I prefer to read novels and crime thriller stories.

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