Theatre and Social Change: Christian Drama Dimension

Adeniyi Temitope Olorunsomo


After more than 40 years of Ola Rotimi’s presentation of the gods are not to blame (1970) on the Nigerian stage, Nigerians are still battling with the problem of blaming past leaders (Internal or External) for their economic and political woes. This must have inspired Prof. Bakare, Ojo Rasaki to reproduce this play in Ekiti State on 12th December, 2016, on the orders of the State Government probably to douse the voice of accusations and counter-accusations on the roles played by former leaders in the socio-economic woes of the State in recent times. At the centre stage of Nigerian nationhood, the cacophonous blubber is change. But can the people really see the change? From the premise that Art itself cannot change the society since it appeals to man’s emotion, this paper discusses the innate power of Christian Drama as an art form to change the society through the change of individuals that makes up that society. Using the Haunting Shadows (2004), The gods are to blame (2009), both home videos as illustration, the paper analyses the major characters in both plays in their socio-economic and socio-political relationships and their quest for change, and the aftermath. The paper concludes that change comes from inner part and radiates outwardly, from a single individual to the collective, and that it is when the individual has succeeded in managing the inner change successfully that he can transfer the dynamics of it to the world around him.

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