Naturally multipurpose vehicle

Amol Karwade


In the today’s world, pollution control is one of the tensest subject for all nation. Measure of  minimizing the pollutants,leads to kindness of human towards environment. This kindness can be shown by the humans to great extent at domestic or commercial level. This project not only take cares of nature but also look after the human’s health and wealth. We are able to decrease the pollutions caused by vehicles at domestic level.Research says that its almost not possible to minimize the harmful gases which is secreted by large scale factories but it also says that domestic automobile causes pollution upto 81.50 % as compare to industries. On the consideration, we made some efforts to manufacture a vehicle which is eco-friendly towards environment and even most cost efficient automobile, named NATURALLY OPERATED MULTIPROPOSE VEHICLE (NOMV). The term “Naturally operated” itself has the meaning

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