Multipurpose E-Rickshaw

Gaurav Kumar


Solar Power Is Produced By Collecting Sunlight And Converting It Into Electricity. This IsDoneBy UsingSolarPanels,WhichAreLargeFlatPanelsMadeUpOfManyIndividualSolarCells.ItIsMost Often Used In Remote Locations, Although It Is Becoming More Popular In Urban AreasAsWell. Solar Energy Is The Renewable Energy. Solar Powered E-Rickshaw Can Be Described AsTheApplicationOfSolarEnergyToPowerAnElectricMotorRotatesABladeWhichMovesTheWheelOf The E-Rickshaw. It Is A Low Maintenance, Low Running Cost,  Eco-Friendly AndNon-PollutingProduct And Can Be Used For All Kinds Of Personal Mobility Solutions.  Pollution Is MarinadeAndCanBeSeenInOwnHomes.InCaseOfGasPoweredRickshaw,EmissionOfGasesItIsResponsible For Pollution And Also The Cost Of Fuel Is Increasing Hence It Is Not Efficient.ToReduce The Dependence Upon Fossil Fuels And The Air Pollution From Gas PoweredRickshaw. It Has Been Suggested As A Way To Replace Bicycles In India With Vehicles That WillEnableCarriers To Travel Farther And Carry More At A Lower Cost.

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