Analysis of Implementation of Image Recognition of Teacher Faces in College Campus

Ankita M. Sakharkar


In this paper, we are going to develop real time application on college student for automatic detection and recognition of student during academics, followed by display of personal information of students. This application makes proper use of CCTV camera for real time face detection of students of particular college. The proposed application can be divided into four major steps. In first step, each person in the image is detected. In the second step, a face detection algorithm detects faces of each person. In third step, we use a face recognition algorithm to match the faces of persons in the captured image with the database of students’ faces which also stores personal as well as academic information of each student. In final step, the face of student along with his/her personnel information will be displayed on screen to the user when the image captured by CCTV camera contains any student image of present college. The college administrator as well as faculty members can use this application to identify students and also to distinguish students from outsiders.

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