Web Based Car Parking System

Madhuri Kale


It is android application that delivers an solution for automatic car parking. This system presents a miniature model of an automated car parking system that can regulate and manage the number of cars that can be parked in a given space at any given time based on the availability of parking spot. The aim of this paper is to automate the car and the car parking as well.
The number of personal vehicles usage is increasing manifold. People prefer personal vehicles to commute than depend on public transportation. Finding a parking space in most metropolitan areas, especially during the rush hours, is difficult for drivers. Due to this there is a need to provide sufficient parking places coupled with plenty of slots to help the user park his vehicle safely, also to ensure the user does not end up parking on non-parking area and cause discomfort to pedestrian. This will help reduce the load on the administrator as his physical work reduces drastically and user can search the parking slot through Android Application.

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