Content marketing, most online entrepreneurs are familiar with the term, but only a few were able to reap the fruits successfully. Content marketing in layman’s term can be narrated as a means to share interesting stories that create ripples in the online world. As a toddler itself, we are more interested and inclined to pay attention to stories. Even decades after we still remember it. To the least, bits and pieces. The reason is that the story was interesting and it created an impression, it made us think and it elevated the imagination to explore unprecedented pastures, to dream and to even to pursue the traits of those characters. This unique nature to influence people’s mind gives this marketing channel a draconian power to dominate the online world.

Once encountered with success everyone falls in love with content marketing strategies. The Internet revolution has changed the way we do business, the market places are not the same as we started. In the digital era, vast opportunities are there for entrepreneurs to kick start their entrepreneurial venture. One click and you own a free online store of your own. A plethora of open source and free ecommerce website platforms leads to a colossal market. Cut-throat competition is forcing digital marketers to innovate and reinvent at a cracking pace.


Google, the top search engine wants to give its customers the best possible experience. Google decided to moderate web pages based on the value people are getting, which forced the market leader to tweak its metrics and algorithms so only the best possible results will rank. When deciding the ranking factors Google was smart enough to realise the need of content (which comes in different variants and varieties). Content that benefits the audience, data/ information which acts as a tincture to their day to day problems.

In this article, we will discuss 3 major content forms that help increase your ecommerce website conversions.

Article/ Blogs

Articles and blogs are widely used by content marketers across the world to pen down constructive solutions, addressing issues that muddled their target customers. Majority of the ecommerce websites in the world now has a blog section where they continuously publish articles. When comes to writing articles I always suggest you follow Brian Deans “Skyscraper technique”. Skyscraper technique is all about creating the best possible content. Spend the right time, do a rigorous research and then churn an informative article that helps them to orchestrate informed decisions.

Tips when creating an article:

#1 Position yourself as an expert in the niche. To be an expert in a particular niche you need to be with the niche. Engage with people through the content. Speak to them about your experiences and how you solve the puzzle. Provide guidance and support to your audience.

#2 You content should map the customer journey rather falling into the pit hole of self marketing. Introduce, educate and convince. Highlight the benefits that the customer will be getting rather than promoting the features.

#3 The content that you publish on your blog gives you an opportunity to drive more traffic to your websites from social sites. Constantly publishing an article and posting on social media help build a strong relationship with customers.

#4 Position your eCommerce website as a business entity that is well aware of the niche market and can showcase yours in depth knowledge in that particular domain. In case of a business entity that serves the B2B market, create expert articles, interviews, and expert roundups help to dominate over the competitors and position your brand as one among the top league.

Video Content

Content in the form of video had gained pioneer significance among digital marketers. The video is the hot medium now, the technological advancements have presented wide opportunities in terms of creating engaging video content. As mentioned earlier, content in the form of stories is much appreciated by people. This subtle channel gives ecommerce website owners wide opportunity for creating enticing and alluring content which will be most appreciated by target customers. Content in the form of a video has transversed into a need for competitive necessity. Stats published on DreamGrow says that adding an interactive/ interesting video on the landing page could increase the conversion by 80%.

Imagine that you have a video testimonial on your website, where the user explains their experience upon utilizing your service, definitely it looks more authentic. A landing page on your ecommerce website where a product demo is given. People are more inclined to trust people. Cordial/ personal interactions help create a sense of trust and reliability. Trust over time strengthens relationship and relationships increases online conversion.


As the name resonates, its information represented in graphical form. Human brains can process visual information at a faster rate and can relate it to our personal/ professional life. Infographics are more likely to be shared on social media when considered to any other form of content.

Infographics a widely used to convey complex information in a simplified version making it easy for people to digest the concept. As Stephen Sondheim (Composer) mentioned: “Art, in itself, is about bringing order to chaos”. That being said, creative and brilliant infographics can colour entire portrait with stimulant ideas. Ideas that trigger curiosity and curiosity makes people to research more about the topic/ website. There are numerous things that should be taken into consideration when creating an infographic.

Infographics can be modulated in any way that suits the audience. A glimpse is all it needs to differentiate the one created for professionals and the one created or regular guy’s (no offence). An infographic needs to be created in view to the kind of platform and the breed of the target audience that engages on the platform. For eg: A casual infographic works on Facebook whereas a professional one is much opted on LinkedIn.

Parting Notes: Always know the end objective behind creating content “add value to the person who interacts with it”. A general content clearly sends the message that you don’t value your customers time. A good content excites and enlightens the audience. Never compromise quality. Do a good research make sure that the content you produce, serves a purpose.

About the author:

Nishant Maliakel Oommen is a digital marketer by profession and a blogger by passion. Nishant is currently working as a digital marketing consultant for Cloudnix. He takes pride when people acknowledge his work and finds that his work is adding value to people. Nishant thrives on staying updated on topics related to the digital realm and technologies that are revolutionizing the world. Inbound marketing is one of Nishant’s forte.

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