The Importance of Research Publications in Academic Career

A good academician becomes a powerful scholar with frequent publications. Frequent research publications by an individual will result in increasing the researcher’s credit. A number of recruiters, institutions, look for individuals who have done ample researches and published those in journals. The significance of research publications are immense. It is important to keep in mind […]

Take a Wise 360 Decision for Your Organization

A single wise decision can take your organization to great heights. You can always make sure that your business grows and prospers. You can introduce some concepts and methods in your organization that are effective professional, dynamic and most importantly well-organized. There are many tools and instruments that can be employed to make sure that […]

Plagiarism Removal of Thesis / Other Content

Writing research reports is not possible without consulting a number of references like journals, websites, and books. Sometimes, you may end up stating some information from these sources without providing proper citation for them or citing them in a wrong style. This leads to plagiarism in your work. At other times, you may have wrongly […]

Thesis Publication Offer from Pen2Print

Thesis Publication Offer from Pen2Print If you’re about to finish or already finished Master’s or Ph.D theses and want to publish it Online as a book, then submit it now and get your work recognized by broad readership around the world. Pen2Print’s unique (PhD, M.Tech, M.E, M.Sc) online thesis publication service gives authors & universities […]