Communication is vital to success at school, in the workplace, and in your personal life. While digital media seems to have overtaken the need for writing letters as a form of communication it has increased the need for everyone’s writing skills to improve. Whether engaging with peers on social media, writing papers for class, or sending emails to potential employers how you express yourself through the written word gives others a glimpse into your capabilities.

As a student it is essential to master writing skills to communicate clearly with your professors and peers. If you are unable to communicate in written form you will not find success in college. It is vital to your current grades, your future employment, and the perception of your peers who will one day be co-workers, employees, and employers.

A little hard work, attention to details, and the right tools will have you mastering writing skills in no time.


Chances are your school has a writing center equipped with TAs who are eager to help you in mastering writing skills. Seek them out. Spending a little extra time in the beginning will save you valuable time down the road.

Online Services

Hire a service like Essay Geeks to help craft your papers. Use the content they deliver as a foundation for your own research. Collaborate with a professional writer to help you books your own writing skills so that one day soon you will be able to work on your writing independently.

Hemingway App

The Hemingway app highlights common errors. It tells you what grade level you are writing in and identifies passive voice. It is a helpful tool to train you in writing to a specific audience and identifying common patterns in your writing.

Daily Page

If you struggle with writer’s block and are looking for a tool that will help you get into the habit of writing, then Daily Page is the perfect solution. It emails you a writing prompt every day. Writing is like any other exercise. The more you practice the better you will get.

750 Words

750 Words is similar to Daily Page in that it gets your writing daily. The goal is to simply write getting out everything in your head but not stopping until you’ve reached 750 words. This app is fun because it rewards you for reaching daily goals and gives you statistics about your writing.


Whether you are a planner or struggle with planning Trello can help. Use Trello to organize outlines, research, and content. It’s a simple drag and drop to move cards from one area to another making reordering outlines simple. This tool can help with all of your subjects to keep track of upcoming projects, current projects, and completed projects. It’s all about organization.


We’ve all been there, a computer dies the night before an assignment is due and your paper is irretrievable. Don’t learn the hard way. Back up your papers and research on a cloud service like Dropbox.


We’re you assigned an Expository Essay but have no idea what expository means? Simply google expository essay template and a wealth of resources will be at your fingertips.


oTranscribe is an open source transcription service that is a web app for transcribing interviews.  When writing you want to focus your time on the actual craft of writing and research and less time on simply typing. Utilize tools that take the mundane repetitive tasks for you freeing up your time to perfect your project.


Do you need to find a quote to give your work an extra punch? BrainyQuotes is full of inspirational posts that can be searched by topic or by speaker/author. Quotes are an excellent way to give your writing more authority and break up long boring texts.


Do you need an accountability partner to keep writing? Twords sends reminders and encouragement when you haven’t written in a while. Use this app to set clear goals for projects and it will help you reach them.

Using tools to improve writing skills is a great idea for the future benefits of every student. Life requires familiarity with the written word and the ability to communicate clearly. Putting in the time now to refine and master your writing skills will reap big rewards in your future.

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