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  • साहित्य संहिता (Sahitya Samhita)

    साहित्य संहिता (Sahitya Samhita)

  • Edupedia Publications : Book and Journals Publisher

    Edupedia Publications : Book and Journals Publisher

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Edupedia Publications

EduPedia Publications Pvt Ltd is a publishing company run by a team of dedicated publishers, editors and writers. We provide a wide ranging services to the authors and guide them in getting their books published and promoted through various online and offline channels under our EduPedia Publications. We publish original work of budding Writers, Research Scholars, PhD Scholars, Academicians  and Poets and we have a large number of our esteemed readers and reviewers who give you the best feedback on your published works in the filed of Literature, Management Studies, Scientific Research etc.

Our Services

1. Book Publication
2. Book Promotion
3. Book Review
4. Journal Publication
5. Research Publication
6. Editing and Proofreading
7. Conference Papers Indexing
8. Press Release and Book Release
9. Services to Members of ISOAR
10. Helping Scholars and Authors in Publication