Membership of IJR

We always endeavor to increase the base of the organization through inclusion of the members who are contributing and will be contribution in a constructive manner for the progress of the academic knowledge dissemination and publication of scholarly article to enable wider access.

Types of Membership (Appointment Letter will be sent on receipt of the fee)

Sr. No Membership Type Benefits Membership Fee
1 10 Years Membership Listed as Editors10 Article published free of charge each year Rs 10000Or $200Order Now
2 5 Years Membership Guest Editors 4 Articles published free of charge each year. Rs 4000Or $80Order Now 
3 2 Years Membership Guest Editors 2 Articles published free of charge each year. Rs 2000Or $40Order Now
4 1 Year Membership Guest Editors 1 Article published free of charge each year. Rs 1000Or $20Order Now


  • All members will abide by the decision of the core committee of the organization and Editor in Chief of our Journals.
  • Each members enjoy the benefits of the getting access to submitted articles for review and comment and thus able to keep abreast with the current research work.
  • The renewal of the members will be considered on the receipt of the membership fee as mentioned above every year in the month of the February.
  • The year will be calculated from the date of joining to upcoming 31st January of each year. E.g. if a member joins in the month of the December then he/she must get renewed his/her membership in the month of the November and cannot claim extension on the basis of the date of the joining.
  • The permanent members get the benefits of getting two articles published free of charge each year.
  • The 10 Year members get the benefits of getting one article published each year free of charge.
  • The one year members will get his/her first article published free of charge on joining the membership of the organization.
  • The membership may be terminated on the proved academic misconduct either in the journal or in their parent institution. Such communication if received from senior person the organization in which the member is serving.
  • The members name will be displayed in the editorial board of the relevant Journals.
  • The members will be able to use name and logo of the Journal in their portfolio, profile or resume.
  • The article eligible for free publication will go through same process of review and approval as normal papers. The member claiming such benefits must be one of the author in the article and he/she should send us his members reference no. which will be allotted on enlisting as members which will be indicated on website.
Membership Form (to be filled and Send as Email attachment to alongwith the proof of the payment of the membership fee. )
Sr. No Details (queries) Information (Response)

Full Name of the Member

2 Date of Birth
3 Fathers Name
4 Current Designation or Last held Designation (with institution name and address)
5 Current Address of Correspondence
6 Permanent Address
7 Email Id.
8 Contact No.
9 Website or Online Profile link
10 Areas of Interest for Article Review Purpose

Download the Form and Re-send us after Filling and Paying the Membership Fee