A Critical Review of Recent Research on Cloud Computing in Indian Rural Agriculture

Rakesh Patel, Anupam R. Chaube


The real India lives in its villages and smaller towns and therein lies the future of India. Rural India has been ignored for more than 60 years and the cloud technology will bring the change that is required to bridge the divide rural India and Urban India, and will improve the Indian rural economy. The principal source of income of India is agriculture. So the development of the ICT is basically focused on the Indian agriculture sector. Cloud computing is a general term used to describe a new class of network based computing that take place over the internet. These platform hide the complexity and details of underlying infrastructure from users and applications by providing very simple graphical interface. Latest technological development has through a dramatic change in every field and agriculture is no exception to it. Cloud computing technology impacted positively on agriculture field and related services they provide for users.

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