Effect of Temperature on Growth, Sporulation and Sclerotial Formation of the Fungus Botrytis Gladiolorum Timm. in Different Culture Media and Standardization of Inoculum Load of the Fungus for Generation of Disease

P.K. Sehajpal, P.J. Singh


Gladiolus has been cultivated extensively the world over as a popular cut flower.  Botrytis blight caused by Botrytis gladiolorum Timm.  is the most potential disease of gladiolus. Colony morphology and growth of the fungus B. gladiolorum is known to be influenced by nutrient availability and the temperature conditions.  Therefore, the effect of temperature on mycelial growth, sporulation and sclerotial production of B. gladiolorum was investigated in seven different culture media.


Botrytis gladiolorum, culture media, temperature, inoculum load

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