Open access initiatives and its impact on scientific communities: a review of INFLIBNET Centre

Saroj kumar Panda


INFLIBNET Centre is aggressively working towards creation of open access institutional repositories and platform to support open access publishing at higher learning institutions like universities, colleges and R & D research centre in India, and imparting training in applications on various aspects of new technology to achieve such goals and encouraging library and information professionals to expand their horizon in digital content creations, process of digitization, managing digital depositories and open access etc. In the country like India, open access journals and institutional repositories are two main routes of open access publishing system now a day. This article discusses on different open access initiatives taken by the INFLIBNET Centre in serving the scholarly and scientific communities in the country. The article also reviewed the current status, benefits and its impacts on the universities and its users.
Keywords: Open access; INFLIBNET; OJS; Info Port; Shodh ganga; Shodh gangotri; India

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